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Shipping within the US – $6 for first DVD – add $1 for each additional DVD

International shipping – $12 for the first DVD – add $1 for each additional DVD

Small orders are shipped First Class Mail and larger orders (usually 3 or more DVDs) by Media Mail.

How To Order

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Complete the online order form and select “Check” as your payment type.  Print out the invoice and send  it along with your check or money order to: Yard Goat Images, 1666 Coffman ST #312, Saint Paul, MN 55108.


Call us at 612-623-0167 – we will take your order and tell you the total needed – (Please leave a message if we don’t answer). Send your check or money order to: Yard Goat Images, 1666 Coffman ST #312, Saint Paul, MN 55108.

Disc Compatibility, Quality & Our Commitment to Your Satisfaction

There are two ways to make a DVD. Information can be burned to a blank DVD-R, which is called duplication. Information can also be added during the DVD manufacturing process, which is called replication.

A DVD duplicator extracts data from the master disc and writes it to a blank disc. After all the data has been written to the blank DVD-R, the information is verified with the master, and the process is complete.

With DVD replication, the master is evaluated for data corruption. A glass master containing the data from original master is created. The glass master is used to develop a stamper, which is loaded into an Injection Molding machine that creates the DVD replicates.

There is no quality difference between the two processes. A replicated disc will work on all DVD players and computer drives. A duplicated disc will work on players that will read a DVD-R disc. Almost all modern DVD players and computers can play the DVD-R format. Most companies now use duplication instead of replication because of the cost and time saved by this process and the ever decreasing compatibility issue.

There is no significant quality or performance difference between duplicated or replicated discs. Both are quality controlled and verified to ensured to be exact copies of the original. Our DVDs will play in ALL World regions.

To further enhance quality, we produce our DVDs with Water Resistant Media. The discs are water resistant, scratch resistant, and feature a glossy finish. This technology will ensure your discs stay protected from harsh everyday elements. They repel water and protect from wear and scratches.

This media also uses ISO 14001 certified manufacturing, has zero wave distortion, lowest jitter levels and lowest bler (E12 & E22) error rate in the industry.

Each disc is individually tested for defects, so playability problems are unlikely. If you have a problem playing one of our DVD’s within the first 30 days after purchase, we will exchange it at our expense. Just return the disc to us and we will send a new copy of the same program. We will also refund the shipping cost you paid originally to cover your mailing expense.

Yes, our DVDs will also play (and look superb) on Blu-Ray Players!


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