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In the Fall of 2002 famed Frisco 4-8-2 No. 1522 bade farewell to her legions of fans around the world. Not known to do anything quietly, the last operating Mountain in the country applied all her horsepower to the twisting grades of the Missouri Ozarks in a defiant display of smoke filled thunder at track speed saying goodbye to her thousands of fans, Iron Hill, Rolla Hill, long tangents laid over lead filled hills dotted by Midwestern towns where time stands still. It's the last two days of the loudest locomotive in contemporary service, plus footage of her 2002 NRHS Convention trip, exclusive coverage of her break-in on freight service and more.You'll see nine sequences of climbing up Iron Hill and eight sequences of climbing Rolla Hill including pacing of one section of Rolla Hill. Where else would you want to see the loudest steam engine working. All together there are 24 spectacular climbing sequences. Add to that more pacing, on train footage, and some of the best glint shots you'll ever see. From dawn to dusk this is another Goodheart exclusive filled with 80 minutes of sooty action archived by multiple cameras and plenty of long, twisting, grade climbing action. All aboard! Narration and STEREO sound.

Exclusive presentation of famed Frisco #1522 (4-8-2) pulling its last excursion trains out of St. Louis before being retired to display at the St. Louis Museum of Transportation.

Running time 80 minutes

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