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Available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

“Assault on Asheville” picks up where “Independence Limited ‘89” leaves off, with coverage of the incredible STEAM TRIPLEHEADER assaulting the Blue Ridge Grade east out of Roanoke, Virginia.

With the grade conquered, dramatic steam action continue as NKP 587 heads south to Salisbury, North Carolina with a short freight car consist.
Then it’s back north to catch 611 in a solo performance as she runs from Alexandria to Lynchburg. Upon arrival in Lynchburg, the 1218 couples on the point and the two locomotives double-head to Salisbury. After an overnight layover in Salisbury, 587 and 1218 double-head to Asheville, NC with 587 on the point.
Travel with our camera crews as they capture all the double and triple-headed excitement as these three steam giants race towards Asheville and participate in the 1989 National Railway Historical Society convention.

60 minutes

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