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Shot during the summer of 1988 and the winter of 1989, BEREA INTERLOCKING tells you about Conrail’s “BE” tower and the trains that pass by there everyday. Located in Berea, Ohio, at one of the most important junctions on the old New York Central, Berea is a great place to watch trains!
This is where the Central’s Big 4 line joins the Chicago-New York main line. Travelling eastward, the line splits in two, forming routes to Cleveland’s lake front and southwest side. Serving as control point for all rail movements, “BE” tower is at the middle of this giant X.
Containers, general merchandise, TOFC, unit trains and today’s motive power, they’re all here. From the ground and in the tower, you’ll see all of today’s main line action including Amtrak’s “Lake Shore Limited” and Detroit Edison’s “UDM” trains.
With up to 100 train movements every 24 hours, BEREA INTERLOCKING is sure to satisfy the most avid railroad fan.

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