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China Mainline Steam Parade

3P GSVP China Steam
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Step into the Asian countryside of China and witness a big show of mainline steam, in the world's last stronghold of steam locomotives. You will see a little of everything that you might expect from a country that was building steam engines only a few years ago, and was still operating thousands of steam engines on a daily basis. In this video we take you to Northeast China where we see plenty of doubleheaders, and even some trains with rear pushers. Most are the QJ 2-10-2's on a variety of freight and passenger runs. One of the unique things about this video is that it contains the now retired RM Class 4-6-2's and the SL Class 4-6-2's in passenger service. You'll also see a lot of human interest scenes, and much more in the fascinating country. There are also several meets where two trains are seen in the same shot. This was shot by Randy Scholl in 1989, and before the huge crowds came over to see the newer lines that were built near the end of the steam era. The older SL 4-6-2's have a distinctive exhaust sound, and being there in 1989 was good timing to get them before they were withdrawn. A few years after the SL class were withdrawn so to were the RM class 4-6-2's. This show takes you to the Changchun area, Jilin Province, the Nancha region, and much more. The QJ class 2-10-2's are the most widely seen, in both freight and passenger service. This was shot in the cold of winter, so great steam effects are evident. There are wide open vista shots, mountains, sweeping curves and tunnels, plus large viaducts. Watch the video preview to get a sampler of the show.

58 minutes

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