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FT 103 - The Diesel That Revolutionized Railroading in America

MIV FT 103
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In September, 1989, the Electro-Motive Division of General Motors Corporation celebrated the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Model FT diesel-electric freight locomotive.
Mark I Video Productions was chosen by EMD to document this important milestone. FT-103 presents exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage of the restoration of the original FT cab unit at the Electro-Motive facility in La Grange, Illinois.
You'll see the classic locomotive painted, lettered, and rolled out of the shop and enjoy the action as display diesels arrive for the Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration. Watch as the FT is manuevered on plant trackage for runbys and pacing scenes. Then, join us for a close-up look at the Open House featuring the 103 and many other classic diesels. A tour of the erecting shop is also included.
In addition to the restoration of the FT-103 itself, this critically-acclaimed program also presents a definitive history of EMD first-generation diesels, from motor cars to FL9s. Meticulously researched and illustrated with extremely rare archival film and photographs, this tape includes footage which has never before been released to the public.

Two Hours *DVD*
Written and Produced by Marc S. Balkin
Narrated by Tom Moran

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