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German Narrow Gauge

3P GSVP German Narrow
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Product Details
Visit the former East Germany and see narrow gauge steam action on the Harz Mountain system, with the largest narrow gauge tank engines operating in Germany, and on a variety of routes. The Harz line is very picturesque and features street running, stone stations, and hilly territory, with wooded backgrounds and even a tunnel. One of the rarest events was a dual departure of two passenger trains from one station, as the two trains ran side-by-side racing each other until the two lines split heading in different directions. This incredible sight was captured on two different occasions at the same town. In addition to the Harz Mountain System, we visit the steep Cranzahl to Oberwiesenthal line which includes tank engines and nice snowy scenes throughout the segment. This video is a fine presentation of the best narrow gauge in Germany, all of which survives today. This was captured on videotape originally in 1992 and was part of our Steam Around The World series which was released in 1996. It was converted to Video in 2021 and being offered here on DVD for the first time. It has been dormant(Not for sale) for over 15 years prior to this 2021 release. There is a lot of great action, with old world flavor in Germany during this presentation.
55 minutes
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