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Yard Goat Images is proud to present the Berkshire Productions video, "Independence Limited '89!"

Available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

This video features 4-day, 3-crew coverage of the entire convention. route. You'll see scores of trackside runbys, cab footage from both N&W 611 and NKP 587, pacing sequences, on-train coverage, stunning aerial scenes.

We captures all the excitement of this fabulous event so you relive the memories of the “Independence Limited” over and over again. From the flatlands of Ohio to the tunnels, grades, and trestles of the N&W’s rugged Pocahontas Division, this is a video you should not miss.

The incredible finale on this video will show you the spectacular TRIPLE-HEADER assaulting the Blue Ridge Grade east out of Roanoke on its way to the 1989 NRHS Convention featuring NKP 587, N&W 611, and N&W 1218!

Digitally re-mastered, this video brings you an hour and a half of stunning steam action!

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