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Yard Goat Images is proud to present the Berkshire Productions video, The Mighty J!

Available in DVD and Blu-Ray.

This video is about Norfolk and Western’s big 4-8-4, number 611.

You'll see the 611 in action between Bellevue, Ohio and Buffalo, New York, including many of the Nickel Plate’s bridges at Cleveland, Painesville, Conneaut, and Ashtabula, plus 60 mph running through the flat lands of Ohio.

In part TWO of this video you'll see the 611 run between Brewster and Toledo, Ohio, pulling the “Ohio President’s Steam Special.”

You’ll also be on hand as “The Mighty J” departs Toledo’s Homestead Yard with 30 hoppers bound for Brewster on the ex-Wheeling & Lake Erie Line.

Digitally re-mastered, ”The Mighty J” brings you an hour and twenty minutes of big steam action!

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