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Living the Dream - The Legacy of Jerry Joe Jacobson, Owner of the Ohio Central Railroad System

Jerry Jacobson had a dream. Like many young boys growing up in the 1950s, Jerry was fascinated by trains. He dreamed of one day becoming a railroad engineer. A short cab ride in an old steamer sealed Jeremy's fate. He was hooked, and the dream became even stronger.

Fast forward to 1994, and Jerry is living his dream! As the sole owner and CEO of the Ohio Central Railroad System, Jerry not only achieved his dream of becoming an engineer, he became a railroad owner, with a deep love for the old steam locomotives. This is his story, and 4-6-0 steamer 1551 is the star of the show.

Jerry passed away on September 13, 2017. The legacy of his love for steam locomotives lives today at the Age of Steam Roundhouse in Sugarcreek, Ohio.

54 minutes

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