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Rails to Roanoke - 1987 NRHS Convention

MIV Roanoke
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July 30: 1218 - Roanoke to Bluefield with passenger train; 611 - Bluefield to Roanoke with passenger train and 1218 with coal train (includes meet with diesel-powered westbound coal train).
August 1: 611 and 1218 westbound to Radford with two separate trains. Includes three double-train runbys and 1218 viewed from 611's train. Eastbound doubleheaded return run from Radford to Roanoke.
August 2: Doubleheader from Roanoke to Lynchburg; 1218 returns westbound to Roanoke.
August 4: 611 Lynchburg to Charlotte; 1218 Roanoke to Bluefield with 53 car coal train.

90 Minutes *DVD* Full Color * Stereo Sound
Produced by Marc S. Balkin
Narrated by Jim Boyd

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