Remembering California’s Railroading Hot Spots

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Remembering SO CA’s Railroading Hot Spots explores seven of the busiest and well known railroading locations in Southern California. The non-stop parade of trains can be seen at the following locations:

– East Mojave (Santa Fe & Southern Pacific)
– Burbank Junction (Amtrak, Metrolink & Southern Pacific)
– Mission Tower Interlocking (Amtrak, Metrolink & SP)
– Redondo Junction Tower (Amtrak, Santa Fe & SP)
– Hobart Tower (Amtrak, Santa Fe & Union Pacific)
– Colton Crossing (Metrolink, Santa Fe, SP & UP)
– Daggett Junction (Santa Fe & Union Pacific)

This DVD features over one hour and fifteen minutes of railroading entertainment. Special features include chapter menus and bonus material at selected locations. Presented in color, with stereo audio and informative narration.

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