Rio Grande Rotary Spectacular

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In early May, 1993, the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad operated historic steam rotary plow OY to clear the line for the upcoming tourist season. Pushed by three steam locomotives, the OY put on a spectacular show of sight and sound as it cleared heavy snowdrifts along the narrow gauge line. All equipment except the OY was authentically lettered Rio Grande. You'll thrill to a classic contest pitting man and machine against the elements as the OY slowly ascends the 4% grade to Cumbres Summit. This heroic battle culminates in a deafening assault on the deep drifts of Windy Point, viewed from a variety of camera angles. The sight of OY's fifty-foot-high snow plume, combined with four towering columns of smoky exhaust from the plow and its three steam-powered pushers, is awesome and unforgettable! Complete coverage of this unique four-day event is presented, featuring multiple camera crews and a stunning stereo soundtrack.

90 Minutes *DVD* Full Color *

Stereo Soundtrack

Produced by Marc S. Balkin

Written and Narrated by Jim Boyd

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