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Santa Fe 3751 - The California Limited

3P MIV 3751
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At 10:30 am on Friday, December 27th, 1991, Santa Fe steam returned to Los Angeles as 4-8-4 3751 arrived at Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal, ready to pull a four-day excursion to Barstow and Bakersfield and return. The 3751 was built in 1927, as the Santa Fe's and Baldwin's first 4-8-4. Retired in 1953, it was acquired by the San Bernadino Railroad Historical Society 1985. Following a complete restoration, in 1991 the 3751 returned to service. Her first outing celebrated the 99th Anniversary of the California Limited which, in the days before the streamliners, had been the Santa Fe's premier passenger train between Chicago and Los Angeles. Pulling a 16-car train weighing more than 1500 tons, the 4-8-4 looked very impressive. Two colorful warbonnet FP45 passenger diesels were used as helpers on the Cajon and Tehachapi grades. This program offers full coverage of The California Limited's epic journey. With nine camera crews deployed at more than 100 different locations along the route, the result is continuous and dramatic hardcore railroading action from beginning to end, featuring beautifully-photographed trackside and pacing action!

85 Minutes *DVD*
Full Color *
Stereo Soundtrack
Written and Narrated by Jim Boyd
Produced by Marc S. Balkin

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