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South American Rail Adventure - YGI Classics

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In the fall of 1990, Berkshire Productions traveled to Chile, South America for a visit to some of the most fascinating railroads in Latin America. Our cameras provide exciting images and unique angles of spectacular railroad action. Exotic scenery, fertile valleys, mountains and rivers, plus plenty of bridges, tunnels, and grades all add up to provide an adventure like riding across the wild west of North America some 100 years ago.
You’ll see GE & Baldwin/Westinghouse box cab electrics, EMD & Alco built diesels, Double-ended electrics, the General Motors “Galloping Goose”, Baldwin built 2-8-2 #714 on the Manzanar branch in the Andes in a bizarre snowstorm, the Temuco roundhouse with almost a full circle steam locomotives, and a lot more!

This video features 90 minutes of beautiful color, dramatic sound, and informative narration!

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