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Steamin' in the Valley - YGI Classics

BVP 4070
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The 4070 was built by Alco during World War I. She was assigned to the Grand Trunk Western Railroad, helping her country with the war effort. After the war’s end, 4070 spent 43 more years serving the Grand Trunk Railroad.
When the age of steam came to an end on the Grand Trunk, many of the railroad’s steam locos were scrapped, but not 4070. She was placed into storage and was later sold to a group of steam enthusiasts who gave her another life.
This video shows you the 4070’s operation by the Midwest Railway Historical Foundation between Cleveland and Akron, Ohio.
Travel back in time to the golden age of steam railroading and thrill to the bark of the 4070’s stack as it hauls a string of vintage passenger cars on the Cuyahoga Valley Line.

60 minutes

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