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The Valley Railroad

MIV Essex
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This fine program presents the complete history of the Valley Railroad, from its beginnings in 1871 as a common-carrier freight and passenger railroad to its rebirth as a steam tourist line.
Rare archive photographs illustrate the fascinating story of the original Connecticut Valley Railroad, which extended from Hartford to Saybrook Point and Fenwick. The line was later absorbed by the New Haven. Following abandonment in 1968, a portion of the railroad was purchased by the state of Connecticut and leased to the Valley Railroad Company for operation as a steam tourist line.
You'll tour the Essex yard, ride the train, and sell all of the Valley's steam locomotives in action including 2-8-0 97, 2-8-2 40, and Chinese 2-8-2 1647. Beautifully-photographed trackside scenes are combined with in-cab and on-train sequences for a nostalgic look at one of Connecticut's most popular tourist attractions. All aboard!

80 minutes *DVD* Color with some B/W Archive Photos
Produced and Edited by Marc S. Balkin
Narrated by Jim Boyd

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