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Trolley Treasure - YGI Classics

BVP Trolley
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Product Details
Trolleyville, U.S.A. was an active, operating museum in Olmsted Falls, Ohio, depicting the era of the streetcar and the interurban. From small 4-wheel utility line cars to big freight motors, there is something for every trolley fan in this video.
Out on the line, we’ll take you aboard the cars so you can watch the motorman at work. We’ll pace the cars along the main line, see repairs and restoration work in progress, visit the powerhouse and watch from trackside as the streetcars, wooden and steel interurbans, freight motors and trolleys perform on the Trolleyville main line.
The program closes with a series of beautiful night runbys past the former B&O depot, in a starlight parade of transportation history. If you love streetcars, you’ll want to have this video in your collection, for it is indeed a “Trolley Treasure”.

41 minutes

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