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Union Pacific Steam - Volume 1 and 2 Combo

3P GS UP Combo
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Product Details
This unique video features both big mainline engines, Union Pacific 4-8-4 #8444, and Challenger type articulated 4-6-6-4 #3985. First we take you to Cheyenne for a 1987 Cheyenne to Laramie run of 3985 over Sherman Hill. This photo special is designed for a maximum number of photostops and runbys. 3985 is the largest operational steam locomotive in the World. Next we are back for another series of trips in 1988 as 3985 again runs over famous Sherman Hill. In this video, we get to ride the cab with engineer Steve Lee and Fireman Bob Krieger as we top Sherman Hill westbound, and roar into Hermosa Tunnel creating an unforgettable sight of sparks flying into the cab (this was one of the last runs as a coal-burner, before converted to burn oil).
The second part of our tape consists of 4-8-4 8444 in 1989 which is first shown running side-by-side with 4449 entering Los Angeles, then a few days later climbing Cajon pass along side 4449 again. Then we shift the scene to Portland, Oregon as 8444 makes a 2-day Round-trip to Bend, Oregon along the Columbia and Deschutes River Canyons. This is the first steam run on this line since steam days. Then we follow 8444 all the way back to Cheyenne a distance of over 1200 miles. On the last day we are treated to a cab ride between Rawlins and Laramie, and there is some 70 mile per hour running. This tape ends with 8444 going into the Cheyenne roundhouse for the last time before its number was changed back to 844. Shot over a 3 year span.
90 minutes
We begin in Cheyenne as 8444 has received its original number 844 (a UP diesel was retired with 844) and is set for a July 1989 outing. The 844 was requested to host the opening of the new Dispatch Center in Omaha and pull the UP Board of Directors on a dinner train. The coaches are already there, so 844 pulls regular freight trains 500 miles over a two day span to Omaha. Then at Omaha we see 844 pull the evening dinner train, with some nice low light shots. After the event is over, 844 has to head home to Cheyenne and pulls two more freight trains over a 2-day span, making for a total of 5 different trains on the video, and 4 are freights complete with a caboose. On the return we are also treated to some nice 65 mph pacing scenes next to the engine. You'll enjoy the Nebraska landscape as we hit the major spots along the way, and even see 844 on the turntable in Council Bluffs, Iowa. This was the first run of 844, and we were the only video company there.
60 minutes
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