What made you fall in love? When was that special moment when you knew? How old were you? Was it love at first sight, or was it a slow build? Did you ever stray? What made you come back? What really turns you on?

Oh wait…..sorry…..no…..not talking about loving another person! My apologies. I meant your other love, your passion, you know, trains….railroading….steel wheels on steel rails!

I’ve met a lot of railfans and I’m always intrigued about how they got hooked, and what parts of railroading holds the most fascination for them. There have been so many stories that are very interesting. And when people tell me about their life around railroading they get so enthused and animated. One story leads to another, and pretty soon I get to know that person pretty good.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was someplace to post your own story about how you became enthused about railroading? A place to tell some stories about a person, an event, a time, or a location that hooked you forever? A place to talk about working for a railroad, or knowing people who worked for one? A place to read other peoples stories?

Sign of the Times

I would like to host such a place on our website because it would be a forum to tell your own best stories, and to read great tales from other contributors. You could choose to be anonymous or use your real name.

Everyone has lots of stories, and we’d all like to hear yours. Simply send me an email. Attach some pictures if you have some because we’d like to see them too. I will set up a location on our website where we can all enjoy each other’s stories. Oh, I might fix some spelling, grammar, and overly “colorful” language when necessary, so don’t worry about saying what is on your mind.Builder's Plate

I’m looking forward to hearing from YOU!

Here’s my email address: